1- To be beautiful, slim and full of energy, women must vigorously exercise each day until there is sweat on the brow. (This is imperative during menopause!) 

2- It is an excellent idea to exercise before you eat anything in the morning and to take a walk or gentle exercise after dinner each evening.

3- A woman should stretch her elbows 2-3 times a day in order to keep her glandular system in tune. How do you stretch your elbows? You’ll feel a stretch of the nerve (along the back of the elbow) if you do it right.

4- Life nerve stretch—daily—sit down with your legs extended. Reach for your toes and bend forward with straight legs, bringing your nose between your knees; your elbows should touch the floor. As long as a woman maintains this standard of the pose, she will stay young. As you get older the third vertebra shrinks; this exercise stretches the spine at the third vertebra keeping you flexible and strong.

5- A woman should nap 11 minutes—twice a day.

Let’s face it: Summer is always the most anticipated season of the year. However, not everything is all sunshine and rainbows. With the hotter months already here, the dry weather can wreak havoc on our skin. If you’re a beach bum and love spending time soaking up the sun, surf, and sand, you might have already noticed the unpleasant effects of the weather on your skin and face.
If you have particularly dry skin, you might be finding this weather interchange more annoying than most when it comes to the humidity and heat. You’ll need to take extra care of your skin – but that doesn’t mean the other skin types get to slack off! In fact, every skin type will need to work overtime to ensure their skin doesn’t succumb to the dry and often cruel effects of high temperatures.
To help you through the heat, here are the top 5 beauty secrets for summer when it comes to your skin and face:

1. Drink water: Don’t get hit with dehydration this summer. Not only does it damage the skin by creating unwanted lines – and in severe cases, scaly skin – but it will also leave you feeling exhausted and may result in nasty headaches. Make sure you drink plenty of water so that your skin gets the right amount of moisture necessary to continue to perform its many essential tasks, namely helping to heal the skin faster and protecting your body from daily exposure to bacteria.

2. Opt for tinted moisturiser: If the thought of going bare is terrifying, there is an alternative to foundation: try a tinted moisturiser such as Vitamin E Cool BB Cream from The Body Shop. Lighter than foundation but still offering the same coverage, this tinted moisturiser will feel better on your skin as the days get hotter. Another benefit of this product is that it won’t feel like it’s melting off your face or appear ‘cakey’, unlike foundation. Simply apply to a cleansed face until it dissolves seamlessly into the skin. It’s a makeup base without the fuss!

3. Treat sunburn with natural remedies: Unfortunately, we are a sunburnt country. When you soak in too much Vitamin D, you are at risk of getting sunburnt. To avoid this, ensure you lather on Spa of the World™ Hawaiian Kukui Cream from The Body Shop all over after being out in the sun. With all natural ingredients, this fast-acting moisturiser absorbs quickly, helping to hold in moisture that was lost due to the sun’s rays.

4. Keep your make-up melt-proof with a primer: If you do decide to use foundation instead of a tinted moisturiser, a primer will help keep your makeup intact. Skin Primer Moisture It 01 from The Body Shop works effectively to seals the pores and leave the skin with a natural, even appearance. This also helps to keep your makeup intact with the rising temperatures.

5. Look after your lips: Parched lips are a cold weather and a warm weather issue. The dry air can cause your lips to shrivel and even get sunburnt, leaving nasty cracks all over your mouth. Keep your lips hydrated with Wild Argan Oil Solid Lip Oil from The Body Shop. Simply dip finger into the pot and scoop a small amount of product, and then apply onto your lips. Apply several times a day to avoid further chapped, drying effects.
While a good night’s rest between 8-10 hours is ideal and beneficial to achieving good skin in the summer, we all know that work, social, and other types of commitments may prevent this from occurring. This can be especially difficult when the temperature rises, making sleeping in your bedroom almost impossible. Even if you don’t fit in the recommended amount of sleep into your lifestyle, you can still get great-looking skin in the hotter months by following these great summer beauty secrets.
5 Beauty Tips For Winter Running

Get out your pocketbooks because it’s that time of year again. While Christmas shopping, be sure to save room in your budget to stock up on items that will help keep your skin and body healthy as you continue running into the winter months.
Most of us are not extremely concerned about our looks while we are running. However, both men and women should take care of themselves and be aware of the damage that winter running can cause.
Here are five beauty tips that are essential for winter running:

Keep your skin hydrated.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the cooler temperatures mean that you no longer need to drink as much water. Not only is water clearly a vital nutrient and important to a healthy diet, it also serves to keep my skin hydrated.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

As soon as the weather turns colder, many of us notice that our skin gets much dryer (my knuckles will crack and bleed). To maintain healthy skin, I exfoliate with a sugar hand/body scrub and a loofah in the shower before applying a moisturizer. I re-moisturize several times throughout the day. If I am running outside in the elements, I keep in mind that any exposed skin will need extra moisturizer. I’m also generous in my use of lip balm.

Put your best face forward. 

Sweating is rough on my face. For the ladies, sweat + makeup = a nasty, salty, clogged-pore mess. I clean my face after every workout. I remove my makeup before I go to bed, and I use a good moisturizer or night cream.

Pamper with peds.

Looking for a great Christmas gift for that runner on your list (or a wonderful treat for yourself)? How about a soothing winter pedicure? Just because we packed the sandals away doesn’t mean that we should neglect our feet! As runners, our feet take a pounding, and dry skin will continue to plague our toes in the winter months. Keep them smooth and moisturized. If your budget is tight, an occasional foot bath at home is wonderful!

Have healthy hair. 

The cold weather contributes to the dryness of my hair. I use good hair products such as those with a moisture boost or those specially made for color-treated hair, which combat dryness and help lock in moisture.

Stand up straight with confidence and believe in yourself are important aspects to make you feel good about yourself. After all, the security radiate radiate beauty. But every woman who stands in front of a mirror can say that the beauty secrets count too. Take note.
To be beautiful you do not need the most expensive or the most complicated and the most painful.Experts say that most of us should only pay attention to a few basic beauty secrets that can help you look and feel great without spending much time or money.
Tip # 1: Never underestimate the power of moisturizers

No matter if your skin is dry, normal, or oily. No need to invest in many creams, with a single product that is good skin can have a dream. (If this month did not reach you for that moisturizer, look for our article this week on ‘natural masks’ … honey and oats are very moisturizing)

“Sometimes all you need is a good moisturizer and a mild take years off your face cleaner,” says Rhoda Narins, MD professor at the University of New York and president of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. ‘When the skin is dry, every wrinkle is accentuated, making you look older. “
If you’re in your 20s or 30s, doctors say, moisturizers will give you the protection you need to prevent premature aging, says Park Avenue plastic surgeon, Darrick Antell, MD.
But then, what is a ‘good’ moisturizing cream for you? The Dermatologist Charles E. Crutchfield III, MD, says: “It’s a product that adds moisture and seals it has achieved, allowing the skin produce more moisture.” What you need is to see that cream must choose according to individual needs of your skin.
If the skin is normal to dry, look for moisturizers containing alpha acids hydroxides. They help the skin produce more moisture on its own, says Crutchfield, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Medical School of the University of Minnesota.
If the skin is very dry, products using a technology called vesicular emulsion is suggested. “This technology uses microscopic spheres that make up layers alternating moisture and water, obtaining continuous hydration,” says Crutchfield If the skin is oily, look for a mild moisturizer and light.. ‘Fat is no moisture, so you have excess fat still need humectarte ‘.
Tip # 2: Sunscreen is the best product Aging.
Before seeing a plastic surgeon, before you spend half the salary in anti-aging creams, put sunscreen. We all know that sunscreen reduces the risk of skin cancer, but also know it’s an amazing beauty secret that helps maintain youthful skin? People who are much exposed to the sun wrinkle long before its time.
Without the protection of sunscreen, if you expose your skin (if only for a couple of minutes) every day in the sun (and not necessarily a sunny day, as the UV rays pass through these gray clouds), before long you will see changes notable skin, says the American Academy of Dermatology.
“Not only they will appear more wrinkles and lines, but also spots and veins’. The skin becomes rough and loose, all thanks to the sun. Crutchfield advises choosing a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. Applied every hour or two, and use regular sunscreen before putting on makeup.
Tip # 3: Choose your cleanser wisely.
If you use daily to cleanse the face is soap and water, you can be reconsidering your cleanup strategy. Dermatologists say that one of the best beauty tips is to use a gentle cleanser and use it sparingly.
Wash your face too often – more than twice a day – can make dane natural lipid barrier, which is the protective mantle that keeps your skin lubricated to make it look and feel healthy.

“Once that protection is lost and the waterproof barrier is interrupted, the skin becomes dry.” This, as well as make you look old, can cause itching, burning and stinging, says Crutchfield. Wash your skin no more than twice a day and choose your cleanser wisely.
Tip # 4: Use the right tools for the right job
You can have eye shadows Dior, Chanel foundation, bronzer and Clarins eyeliner Yves Saint Laurent. However, if you have the right tools for implementation, the benefits of these products will be lost.
Brushes and brushes should be soft, but also have substance so that products can be distributed over the surface of your skin. If you wet a brush in shadow or blush and the color falls before reaching your face, this is a bad brush, experts say. If you invest in good products, choose good makeup tools. Just do it once.
Tip # 5: Treatment for hair and makeup every 2 years
If you get to your meeting alumni and friends say you look like a photo, run, run, run to the nearest beauty salon. ‘Ideally, your image, including hair and makeup, should be renewed at least every two years, “says the expert Beverly Hills, Nick Chavez. Keep a modern look, says Chavez, as you see younger. If it’s been a long time since you’ve had a change, take advantage and go to your hairdresser and beauty shop and do not be afraid to ask for help. This month do not buy those boots you love so much, invest in you. Remember, it is once every two years.

here isn't a woman, who's not beautiful but sadly, the beauty standards fixed by the world have started determining the attractiveness of a woman these days. But then, who said you can't match those high standards and be the epitome of beauty?

Well, looking beautiful has more to do with taking care of your skin and hair and less to do with hoping for a magical transformation.
And to help you out in your sojourn of beauty, we bring to you five affordable beauty and hair care tips every woman must know.

- If your skin is prone to acne, you should use an oil-free product that is non-comedogenic. Try looking for the word on the label of the product you're planning to pick up. A non-comedogenic product is formulated in a way that it does not cause blocked pores.

- When using a hair colour for the first time, do conduct a 24 hour patch test. Apply some colour behind your ear or the inside fold of your elbow. Allow the colour to remain on the test area for 24 hours to check if your skin is not allergic to the product.

- Hassled by the idea of removing a long lasting lipstick? Try cleaning it with some sweet almond oil dabbed on a cotton ball.

- For enviable hair, massage your mane with some coconut oil. Shampoo the hair post ten minutes of the comforting massage and see how different your hair seem.

- Hate green tea? Well, your feet will love it! Try throwing in a few tea bags into a tub along with some cold water and believe us your feet with
Are you struggling to lose weight? Are you wondering what you can do to shed those stubborn pounds? There are people who have been claiming the effectiveness of soy milk in promoting weight loss. But then, how far is that true? How far can you rely on soy milk to lose weight?
This post answers your questions. To know more, just keep reading.

What Is Soy Milk?

Soy milk is considered the best alternative to the regular cow milk, and this is known to provide the much-needed nutrition to the human body. Soy milk is made from soybeans, which are considered to be highly nutritious and have a high content of proteins and fatty acids. Soy milk is also known to contain lot many vitamins and minerals. People who want to avoid saturated fats and cholesterol can opt for soy milk.

Soy Milk For Weight Loss

While there have been a number of discussions on the role of soy milk in weight loss or weight gain, various research studies have provided the user with different results. There are many who have talked about gaining weight after they have increased their intake of soy milk, but others claim to have lost weight after taking it as a part of their diet.
Is soy milk good for weight loss? When compared to the regular types of milk, which are available in the market, soy milk is considered a healthy choice. It is said that soy milk is a low-calorie food, supports weight loss, and acts similar to skim milk. Also, soy milk is said to have fatty acids that help in the easy absorption of body fat.
Finally, the fiber that is present in soy milk is said to make one feel fuller for a long duration, and thus the person tends to eat less. Based on this, one can easily argue that soy milk does support weight loss. In short, studies do suggest that consuming soy-based products can aid in weight loss .
While many argue that they have gained weight after adding soy milk to their diet, the truth is that how it affects your body entirely depends on your current health condition.

The Fat Burning Vitamins

Soy milk is known to contain a high amount of the essential fat burning vitamins. These vitamins are needed for the production of energy and help in improving the rate of metabolism. Hence, many people take a high amount of soy milk as it can help burn more fat.
One cup of soy milk contains around 7 grams of protein, and this contains all the needed amino acids. Soy milk is also said to be the best source for complete protein and provides the needed nutrition to maintain healthy tissues and a robust body.
Many research studies conducted on the same topic have shown that regular intake of soy milk, instead of regular milk, along with regular exercise can aid in weight loss.
Other studies also indicate that the consumption of soy milk can help keep coronary ailments at bay . 
There are also findings that soy milk can indeed considerably bring down age-related memory loss and reduce hot flashes that often accompany menopause.

The Potential Dangers

While there are several benefits of soy milk, the same can also cause harm to some. This is a concern for those who have a medical history of hypothyroidism or cancer. People facing soy protein allergy should avoid soy milk and instead opt for the low-calorie and low fat skimmed milk to ensure weight loss.
Whatever your need may be, it is always wise to understand the benefits of soy milk before making it a part of your daily routine. The sweetened flavor of this milk makes it taste more like a dessert rather than milk, and this unique taste of soy milk is what makes it popular across the globe. You get soy milk in different flavors and colors. Hence, it can be a better choice for those fussy kids who do not like regular milk taste and make excuses to avoid drinking it.

Soy milk, hence, is a rich source of protein and is especially good for trainers who want to tone their muscles and also lose weight. If you have tried a dozen ways to lose weight only to feel defeated, soy milk is worth a try!

Is acne robbing your peace of mind? Have you already tried umpteen medications only to get no result? Then you probably must go for oregano oil, which is believed to have properties to heal acne and make the skin healthier.

Are you interested in knowing more? Keep reading!

The Causes Of Acne:

For a majority of people, acne is a part of adolescence. People with oily skin face it more than others, but most teens experience it. Most of the times, acne forms when overactive sebaceous glands produce excess sebum and skin pores get blocked by dirt. This makes it easy for the germs and bacteria to multiply. The result is skin eruption in various forms, thereby leading to acne.

The Effects Of Acne:

Acne can appear in various forms – blackheads, cystic acne, and whiteheads. The scars left by acne take time to fade and if you scratch, the spots may get deeper. While acne does not lead to serious health hazards, the after effects are mostly on confidence and appearance. Teens find it overly embarrassing and some of them go through recurring outbreaks. The skin looks swollen with red or dark spots, and cystic acne can also lead to pain. Those in glamorous professions find it even more problematic.

Ways To Treat Acne Effectively:

Many will find acne going away on its own and they simply wait out the period. However, not everyone is that lucky. For many, acne can be stubborn and refuse to go. Those who experience chronic acne outbreaks sometimes succumb to feeling helpless.
There are more than a dozen treatments and methods to fight and eradicate acne. Many swear by the easily available OTC acne control products. These products are sold as gels, creams or lotions. They contain chemical agents to eliminate acne and the bacteria behind it. You may get good results from them, but the level of efficacy may vary. Besides, those with sensitive skin may experience skin irritation among other side effects after using such products. This is why more and more people are on the lookout for herbal and natural ways to control an acne outbreak. One ideal contender is oregano oil.

What Use Oregano Oil To Treat Acne:

A plant belonging to the mint species of herbs, oregano is known for its potent antibacterial and antiseptic properties. The essential oil extracted from its leaves has been used since the ancient ages to treat a number of health and skin conditions. The oil can kill the bacteria leading to the onset of acne. The oil also has strong anti-inflammatory qualities, which help reduce the skin swelling caused by acne.

Advantages Of Using Oregano Oil Over Other Acne Treatment Solutions:

There is no denying the inherent advantages of using oregano oil to treat acne over other methods:
  1. It works way better than most antibiotics in treating acne. This is owing to its flavanoids and photochemicals.
  2. The oil does not contain any chemical agents that can affect your skin or acne adversely.
  3. It has high levels of antioxidants. These help boost your immune system, and hence, your skin does not get affected by bacterial contamination easily.

Ways To Use Oregano Oil For Acne Control And Elimination:

Since oregano oil can be partly strong, it is always advisable to perform a patch test on your skin before applying on acne directly. Besides, you should not apply the pure oil on your face. If the patch test does not bring adverse effects, you can go ahead and apply it for acne treatment. The duration of application may vary from person to person.
There are basically three ways you can use oregano oil for acne removal and treatment.

1. Using With A Carrier Oil:

While it is possible to dilute oregano oil with carrier oils like olive oil and apply the mix on the skin, it may not bring desired results. Especially people with oily skin suffering from acne should not apply oily solutions to the skin.

2. Using With Water:

Oregano oil by itself can be too strong. So, you should ideally dilute the oil with water. Put a few drops of this oil in a small bowl filled with water. Now, dip a cotton ball in the solution and gently dab it on acne affected spots on the face and other body parts. Let it get soaked by your skin. Even when you use oregano oil in such diluted form, there can be a mild tingling sensation on your face. This is normal and you need not worry about it. This can be applied on acne twice a day for a week or so.

3. Taking In The Oil:

You may also take oregano oil internally for acne treatment. Applying it topically on acne affected skin and taking it internally helps your skin fight back acne faster. There is no question of taking the undiluted oil, as doing so can burn your tongue and mouth. Pour a few drops of the oil in a fruit juice and drink it. This will also help reduce the pungent flavor. You may drink this on a daily basis.

Precautions That You Should Take:

While using oregano oil can be useful for acne removal and can prevent its recurrence, you should use the oil with caution.
  1. First of all, when you apply the oil topically, even in a diluted form, ensure it does not touch the eyes, genitals, or other sensitive parts of the body.
  2. Women who are pregnant should use it only after consulting with a doctor.
  3. You also need to consult a doctor to learn if taking in oregano oil can lead to interference with the drugs you are using.
  4. Both teenagers and adults who are allergic to essential oils should take oregano oil either topically or internally with more caution. If skin irritation occurs after using the oil in a diluted form, you should stop usage and seek alternative natural remedies.
  5. If you take the oil with drinks or foods, be sure not to get carried away or ingest way too much. This oil contains an ingredient named thymol. Its overuse can cause liver toxicity.
Oregano oil’s efficacy in treating acne has not gone unseen by doctors and the health industry. This oil is soon to find its way in several herbal OTC medicines to treat acne. If you suffer from particularly stubborn acne, it is time you give oregano oil a try

Are you looking for a great fruit face mask to give you radiant skin? Then you must try grape face mask. This face mask not only makes your skin vibrant and supple, but also is very healthy to your skin.

Are you interested in knowing more? Keep reading!

Grapes – An Overview:

Grapes, the red variety, in particular, come with loads of beauty and health benefits as they are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants like flavonoids, tannins and resveratrol (1). They are wonderfully effective in fighting free radicals and help in maintaining youthful and glowing skin. Grapes also contain amino acids that help in skin renewal.
This amazing fruit can be applied to the skin as it protects your skin against sun damage, prevents wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and works as an excellent skin cleanser for all skin types. It is also rich in alpha hydroxyl acids, which help in preventing and curing acne. With so many beauty benefits, you definitely should try out this face mask today!

How To Make Your Own Grape Face Mask:

Grape juice or mashed grapes can be used when you want to use this super fruit in recipes for skin care. Do not think about buying face masks made of grapes from stores as you can easily make your own at home. The recipes are simple, and since you use fresh grapes or grape juice, you get all the natural goodness in its purest form.
Here is a look at some recipes that you can try out to make your very own grape face mask:

Recipe #1:

This recipe has grapes and kiwi. Kiwi is rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins C, E and K. Its black seeds also contain Omega 3 oils, which can do wonders for your skin. When you blend grapes and kiwi together, you get a fantastic face mask that will give you radiant, healthy skin.
All you need to do is:
  1. Take a few grapes and mash them so that you get the pulp out.
  2. Take an equal amount of kiwi with the black seeds.
  3. Mix the two well.
  4. You can add yogurt to the mix if you like.
Apply the face mask to clean skin and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Your skin will look and feel fresh and radiant!

Recipe #2:

This recipe requires grapes and apple. Both fruits are rich in antioxidants, so you get a bonus antioxidant action that fights free radicals.
All you need to do is:
  1. Take a couple of pieces of apple and make a paste.
  2. Add a few grapes and mash until you get the pulp.
  3. Mix well until both fruits are properly blended.
Apply the face mask to well-cleansed skin and leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly. You will get bright and clean skin when you use this face mask regularly.

Recipe #3:

For this face mask recipe, you will need grapes and strawberry. Strawberries contain salicylic acid while grapes have alpha hydroxyl acids. These two are great for skin that is dull and lifeless.
All you need to do is:
  1. Mash a strawberry that has been cut into pieces.
  2. Add a few grapes and mash until it becomes pulpy.
  3. Mix the two fruits together until they are well-blended.
  4. You can add a teaspoon of honey if you wish.

Apply the mask to your face and neck. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. You will get visible results. Your skin will look bright and radiant all day long!
You can combine grapes with almost anything to make a face mask and use it. Yogurt works very well on the skin when used with grapes. You can also use it with orange juice, plain flour, grape seed oil, milk, etc. To treat acne, use wheat flour and baking soda with grapes to make a paste and use it regularly. It works wonders on oily skin. A grape face mask made with yogurt helps in healing sunburns while adding honey keeps your skin moisturized and youthful.
A grape face mask is the secret to healthy skin. It is easy to make and comes with many benefits for your skin. Apart from using it as a mask, remember to eat lots of grapes regularly to absorb all the nutrients it contains so that you can have beautiful skin and a healthy body!
Tell us how this post has helped you. You can comment in the box below.

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